Celebs’ Favourite Scents, and How To Woo Beyonce February 25, 2015 14:08


So you’re in the cinema, watching morosely on as your partner gawps awestruck at their favourite movie star, lost in a fantasy world of their idol’s (delete as appropriate) designer stubble / pert bosom / flawless complexion / smug grin.   You want a piece of what they’ve got, but let’s face it – going to the gym is just voluntary torture, and plastic surgery is… a little extreme.  No, the best approach in this case is the simplest, fastest and cheapest: if you can’t look like them, then perhaps you can smell like them!

Perhaps adopting the perfume of your preferred celebrity won’t confer all the benefits their lifestyle may bring.  But fragrance, as it always has done, offers an undeniable escape into a fantasy world of your making, even if only for a fleeting moment.   A spritz of Guerlain’s Shalimar with closed eyes will transport you to a timeless Far Eastern romance between a prince and his one true love (apparently it’s a favourite with Brooke Shields, Meryl Streep and Joan Collins too).  Or try a waft of Eau Sauvage by Dior, the classic citrus fragrance with woody undertones, and capture some of the raw masculinity of its biggest fan, Antonio Banderas.  Does smelling like Zorro mean you’ll end up with Catherine Zeta Jones?  We can only dream, fellas. 

Now, Pierce Brosnan: traditional, Irish roots, undeniably a gentleman.  His signature scent?  Creed’s bestselling Green Irish Tweed, of course.  Fitting, if a little predictable.  A beguiling green and earthy scent that transports you to a country walk in Ireland.  You probably wouldn’t guess that it’s also a favourite of that other well known country gent… Ozzy Osborne.  Also less predictable is the fragrance choice of American Rapper Nicki Minaj, who’s over the top persona and in-yer-face fashion style prefers none other than Chloe by Chloe, the quintessential soft, pink, delicate floral.

Maybe we should approach this the other way round: let’s pretend you are a stalker and wish to attract the attention of a particular celebrity.  Did you know that Beyonce likes her man to wear ‘anything by Creed’? Sarah Jessica Parker loves the smell of Old Spice, and Victoria Beckham goes weak at the knees for Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac.  So next time you’re passing through the departure lounge at LAX and you bump into your screen idol,  see if you can attract their attention with the incredibly useful information you’ve just learned.  If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to try on some new fragrances and feel like a star, if only just for a moment.

Below are a few choice selections of celebrities and their fragrance choices:

Rita Ora – Chanel Chance

Kourtney Kardashian – Michael by Michael Kors; Jivago 24K

Blake Lively – Burberry The Beat

Katy Perry – Angel by Thierry Mugler

Beyonce Knowles – Fleur de Rocaille by Caron

Gwyneth Paltrow – Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Madonna – Hypnotic Poison by Dior

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Vetiver by Guerlain

Brad Pitt – Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

Hugh Jackman – Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

Jude Law – Extreme by Paul Smith

Leonardo Di Caprio – Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal

For a comprehensive list of celebs and their favoured fragrance, I’d suggest visiting celebrityfragranceguide.com – a pretty incredible guide compiled over a decade of research. It’s constantly updated, and strangely addictive.


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