About Us

Here at Petit Perfume we keep things pretty simple.

We are dedicated to bringing you the largest online collection of miniature perfumes. We started off in 2011 as a small (and may I add, personal) niche business in Essex, UK. Over the years we have become specialists and enthusiasts of the tiny perfume bottle and since opening our first online store our collection to date has grown enormously. We continue to be constantly on the look out for new fragrances, vintage golden oldies and the weird and wonderful.

You, our customer are what we live for.

We'd love to hear from you and without you, our site would not be the same. So write a review when you can....Tell us about those fragrances you have tried, the good, the bad and the ugly. Help others learn of those triumphant ones and those that should stay in the bottle.

So whatever way you came to be on this website (accident, awesome friend referral, good ol' Google).

Take your time, sit back, have fun and enjoy browsing through our shop and find your favourite scent in its itsy bitsy, teeny weeny form.



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